Dagmar Khan is the founder and director of Yoga Teacher Assistant.

Yoga Teacher Assistant (YTA), is the 1st online business management tool specifically crafted by Yoga Teacher for Yoga Teachers.

It helps Yoga Professionals to become more efficient, organized boost the revenue generation and allow them to think big about growing their businesses without breaking the bank.

So if you are a Yoga Teacher (like myself); you will know how frustrating it is to run the business on your own or even as a group.

let me ask you a question:

Do you find yourself struggling with lesson plans, invoicing and administration? To run a business you have to do these things!


Back in the day (way before YTA was created), I was running around, between private sessions and public classes, trying to be organized and run my business. The car was the office and my home was filled with paper and I found myself spending more and more time looking for images for classes, invoicing, taxation, and planning my schedule.

Something had to change! So, with my husband Hassan, a software engineer, we have designed a solution for Yoga Teachers like YOU.


YTA has changed completely my business and my life

  • Instead of spending hours drawing stick figures, now you can go to YTA and use the images of postures uploaded and ready for you to use.
  • With YTA, all your student’s information is stored in our secure cloud (a technical term for secure online memory), where you can access their details and monitor their progress from any computer, anywhere, anytime.
  • YTA manages your scheduling, your invoicing and administration too.
  • Should your laptop crash, no problem, you can use another computer, iPad or smart phone to access the cloud ensuring you are always just a short step away from your lessons plans, schedules, invoicing and the administration for your business.

this means:

  • Less administration time
  • More class time
  • More money & More Me time

What value would you put on a tool which gives you more class time, reduced administration time and more free time?

Just imagine if you could work with two additional private clients a week or put on another class because you have more time.

Perhaps you want to design a new higher value session for your more experienced students and need to create a lesson plan, or want to expand your business, but until now you just didn’t have the time to do it.


Well now you can.

Yoga Teacher Assistant has been designed by a Yoga Teacher for Yoga Teachers with the sole aim of increasing the effectiveness of your business and giving you more time to share your passion of Yoga with more people.

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