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As a society, we’re more stressed and overwhelmed than ever, which means we’re constantly spending time on everyone and everything other than ourselves.

The result? All our energy is focused outward, which leaves us depleted, in pain and seriously stressed out.

As a movement educator and pain-management specialist, I use a combination of self-massage, restorative exercise, alignment therapy and novelty relaxation strategies to help you unravel painful injuries, improve your posture and bolster your nervous system. My main emphasis is on helping you dive into the power of Self-Care HealthCare so you can feel your absolute best while knowing how to take care of your body for the long-term.


There are several ways we can work together.

This includes one-on-one consulting, group programmes, therapeutic workshops and online programming. Here are the details:

  • Most people start with our group YOGA TUNE UP® PROGRAMMES or specialized THERAPEUTIC WORKSHOPS. These give you perfect doorway to start implementing conscious conditioning into your daily life.
  • Ready to turn stress into emotional wellness? Go for STRESS-LESS: REDUCE ANXIETY & RESTORE EMOTIONAL WELLNESS, which is an online programme where I bring the best stress-management strategies to you in the comfort of your home.
  • If you’re a woman suffering with pelvic floor disorder, pelvic pain or prolapsed organs, check out the PELVIC FLOOR REHAB programme. This is a specialized one-on-one offering that provides the foundation for helping you to: overcome pelvic floor dysfunction, step into your strength, and learn strategies for proactively taking care of your pelvis.
  • And if you love what we’re doing here and want to work specifically around pain, injury or body discomfort you’re experiencing, I highly recommend my signature offering SELF-CARE HEALTHCARE. This one-on-one programme is specifically designed to help you unravel pain, improve posture, enhance your performance while teaching you the art and science of living better in your own body.


Learn how to proactively take care of your health and build your wellness from the inside out.

retreats and trainings

Interested in a deeper learning experience? See how you can become a pioneer of Self-Care HealthCare.

Self-Care Healthcare Programme

Overcome pain, restore your posture and optimize your whole-body performance for a lifetime.


Restore your pelvis. Change your life. No more holding back or hiding out from your life.

Online - Join me from anywhere in the world


Reduce Your Anxiety and Restore Emotional Wellness.

Perfect for busy moms, entrepreneurs and anyone who needs to restore peace and create more calm in their everyday life.