As an artist, I tend to spend hours painting in awkward postures, which wears me down and often times make my body sore. In addition, I had a bad foot fracture several years ago, which although healed, continues to give me lot of pain and prevents me from moving efficiently. At night, I would have a hard time decompressing and relaxing my mind, which would result in anxiety and difficulty falling asleep.


Dagmar gave me the confidence to start pro-actively taking care of my body, so I am not at the mercy of pain and anxiety. Using the Yoga Tune Up Therapy balls allowed me to start to condition my foot, and learn how to organize my posture in sitting and standing, something that is invaluable for me as an artist.

Dagmar created a specific reconditioning programme for me, which gave me access to unravelling body discomfort, turning tension into relief, and becoming a more efficient breather. This allowed me to finally create a doorway to whole-body relaxation. I am sleeping more soundly at night, and I am waking up in the morning feeling refreshed & enthused about the new day.

My body is no longer a puzzle to me. I know how to take care of myself, and trust that a small dose of self-care continues to create wellness from the inside-out.

Ruth Flynn

visual artist, live performer

My journey into Dagmar’s classroom followed the onset of chronic lower back and leg pain, which made everyday tasks extremely difficult.

I was out of work and confined to the house with all exercises or movement reduced to nothing. I had been diagnosed with a Disc Sequestration and after 2 consultations with different neurosurgeons it was decided surgery would not be a successful option.

I spent lot of time and effort on physios; and while it would help for short period of time I truly never felt or gained any sustaining benefits.

Dagmar Khan had come highly recommended through a good friend of mine and so I began to study my body {rather than my injuries} and took a plunge into practice of Yoga Tune Up® under her expert eye.

That was exactly 3 years ago; and I honestly couldn’t imagine life without the Yoga Tune Up balls now! The difference the classes, the movement strategies and the whole concept of Self-Care Health Care has made to my body; and my lifestyle is huge:

  • I can now manage any pain with self-massage using the YTU Therapy balls, all from the comfort of my own home
  • I can walk without a limp and pretty much do most of what I would have done previously-easily
  • I feel confident, and self-assured that I can take care of myself, efficiently
  • I beam with enthusiasm for future, knowing that pain does not have to define my life

Dagmar’s knowledge of the human body and how it works is extensive, her teachings are infused with incredible knowledgeable and she is 100% in tune with her students at all times.

Sometimes even the slightest of her hands-on adjustment in the classroom can take instantly out of pain, Dagmar’s eye for detail is spot-on and she constantly encourages me to grow and expand within my own movement potential.

I hope and trust to continue working with Dagmar for many years to come; and urge anyone who wants to live well within their body to step into Dagmar’s classroom as soon as possible.

Audrey Rohan

HR agent

As someone who got diagnosed with fibromyalgia, at the start my body was in total pain and my nervous system was compromised from the constant agony. Even after making absolute clean up in my diet and generally taking very good care of myself; I was going from one treatment to another with no lasting relief, and each treatment caused my body more and more pain.

Dagmar gave me ability to very effectively take care of myself,and access my ability to efficiently participate in my daily healthcare.

My favorite part of her work is having the ability and the know-how to get into my own body and find the areas of pain, tension or knotted muscle and relieve it all by myself; literally in matter of few minutes. It’s like scratching no one knows how to do it better than yourself!!!

The rolling and self-massage practices have helped me balance my nervous system, which resulted in more daily relaxation and ability to sleep like a baby at night. My digestion has improved and I no longer need to be dependant on medications, massage remedies and expensive physio treatments.

Working with Dagmar was like someone has pressed the RESET button on my body- there is no looking back, only looking forward to a brighter future!

Charlotte Lowe

Director at Commercial Refrigeration

Being in constant pain, and not knowing how to take care of myself, is one of the most dis-empowering states I could ever envision for myself.

As an equestrian, and an avid lover of horses, after several rough falls, I started to suffer with bad lower back, discomfort in my pelvis, and very unpleasant nerve pain travelling down my right hip.

For a long time, I have been managing my strain by paying regular visits to osteopaths, and other phenomenal hands-on therapists, and while these treatments always offered some relief, and escape from discomfort, I never knew how to manage myself, and actually have the know-how  to rehab my own tissues.

I arrived at Dagmar Khan’s door in a lot of trouble as I really did not know how to deal with the problems arising from an old injury in my sacroiliac joints.

Just within a space of five weeks I gained the confidence that to deal with the pains & aches myself and get back to riding my horse and enjoying my everyday life.

Dagmar has created a powerful reconditioning programme for me, which gave me doorway to unravelling pain, organizing my pelvis into a better position and building a whole new life in my lower back.

I loved how Dagmar explained the effects of this programme on my body, the importance of proper alignment, and the wonders of how things work beneath my own skin.  I feel as though ‘’Oscar’’ (her skeleton) became a close friend of mine.

Fast forward 2 months, I am proud to share that I walk every day (when I stepped into Dagmar’s office I often avoided walking due to pain). Prior to my walking route I condition my hips & pelvis with the Yoga Tune Up® Therapy balls; and upon my return back home I love to restore the length of my tissues with effective stretching program. I am feeling way more self-assured, and so much better in my own skin. Although the underlying problem might probably always be there; I know now how to better manage my own body. Thank you so much Dagmar for your help.

Helen O’Byrne


Three painful and invasive lumbar spine neurosurgeries that were fortunately carried out by a brilliant neurosurgeon; six weeks after the third procedure, I began to experience chronic inflammation, pain, and levels of fatigue that were akin to chronic fatigue syndrome. At 50 years of age, my life was changing far more rapidly than I would have liked, and every movement was becoming increasingly painful. I was slowly losing my will to live, to engage with my environment positively, and as a result, severe depression was the inevitable outcome.

I was shackled to pain medication, experiencing memory loss, lapses in time and concentration, unable to sleep, to work, to even read a book comfortably. My personality was slowly being eroded away. Looking back, I realise now, I was suicidal.

When I went to Dagmar Khan for four private classes, I was at my wits end. After eight different physiotherapists, osteopaths, and the numerous healers I had engaged with over the years, I wasn’t holding out much hope for miracles, it’s almost ironic then that is what I experienced; a miracle.

Over the four weeks, and four private classes, I began to understand the profound relationship that the muscular and skeletal systems have with each other. It is a complete and interdependent symbiotic structure.

Dagmar’s knowledge of the body as an entire system, is simply staggering, and goes far beyond anything I have experienced in conventional or alternative medicine to date. The programme of movement she devised for me, specifically targeted the lumbar areas, and allowed me to successfully self-treat the deep muscle trauma I was experiencing, and indeed holding within my body.

This was a bespoke, tailor made programme, that was so specific to my injuries, that within three weeks, I began to feel the mercy and relief of “release”. By week four, I had reduced my pain medication by half, and almost a month after that, I was taking only four painkillers a week.

It’ very difficult to convey to you the sense of empowerment I experience daily. I engage with “my programme” competitively, and the results are truly phenomenal. I have broken out of the pain prison, and have a new relationship with living, I am rebuilding my life…money just can’t buy it.

Dagmar Khan is truly extraordinary. Not only an exceptionally gifted practitioner, but a highly intuitive and extremely perceptive woman, who combines her many gifts, to create a healing system that is as unique as it is effective. You will literally be dumbfounded at the vast depths of knowledge Dagmar possess in abundance regarding the human body and movement medicine, and her astonishing ability to hone in on “the problem”, and design corrective procedures. She is in a league of her own, and if you suffer with pain, then you simply cannot afford not to see her.

Richard Hatton

chef & writer

Post operation, and after years of gynae issues and pelvic pain, I have decided to take different approach to the health of my pelvis.

I stepped into Dagmar’s clinic feeling powerless, and literally at the end of the rope. Doctors did not have any lasting answers for me, and my pelvic condition seemed to get worse year after year.

Engaging in the PELVIC FLOOR REHAB programme gave me unprecented ability to know how to soothe my pelvic pain, enhance my pelvic function and improve the health of my internal organs in the long run.

I now have specific knowledge, tools and understanding to stop depending on another surgery or doctor’s appointment, and literally take care of my pelvis on a daily basis; and for years to come!

I feel liberated, powerful and strong. Working with Dagmar turned a corner in my pelvic health and personal self-confidence, and the whole PELVIC FLOOR REHAB experience has been LIFE CHANGING for me.

Mary Lyons

production worker

As a CrossFit athlete, professional coach and owner of Crossfit Swords, I come across lack of joint mobility or poor movement patterns every day. This can often lead to chronic pain and injury if not dealt with.

I am always looking for ways to introduce my clients (and often my own aching body) to methods and tools that will help them enhance their recovery, and improve their day-to-day performance.

I originally came across the whole concept of “Yoga Tune Up®” after watching several of Kellly Starrett’s videos, where he highly encourages the use of Yoga Tune Up® Therapy balls and many of the corrective movements within this format.

I was thrilled to discover that I can bring this work to my clients as Europe has its own Yoga Tune Up® specialist; Dagmar Khan.

Dagmar is by far the leading mobility expert in the whole of Ireland, and is really super-skilled in helping to identify a person’s own blind spots and get them out of pain. Her teaching and playful mobility skills have taught me how to constantly be at my best – as a competing athlete or a coach.

Dagmar’s informed knowledge and down-to-earth self-maintenance programme is going to forever change the way athletes relate to their injuries, performance and longevity.

Jamie Lawlor

CrossFit athlete

As a hairdresser, who has to stand on her feet whole day, and use her shoulders, arms and hands to make other people look beautiful, I found myself building lot of tension in my tissues and holding unnecessary stresses. Engaging in Dagmar Khan’s Yoga Tune Up® programme equipped me with super-effective self-care strategies to help me unravel pain, restore my body and unload stress after long working day.No hairdresser should really live without this essential self-care programme. For your health, for your sustainability, for your optimal working life…You need to roll your way to better performance with Yoga Tune Up®.

Linda Barry


Dagmar has shown me very clearly that there is a different way of moving and exercising.

She emphasizes the “inside-out approach”, and looks to always involve all the body’s tissues that contribute to the overall longevity.With her, I started to clearly understand how work challenges, sedentary lifestyle, improper shoewear and lack of conscious relaxation have massive impact on other aspects of my life and the state of my body. Dagmar’s every class and workshop is completely different, and her teaching material is always fresh and new.

What I love about Dagmar is that she respects THE body first. She has never put me into dangerous Yoga or Exercise position, just because that was on her teaching agenda, but rather always watched out how she maintains safety and challenges my joints and movement patterns in new and unconventional ways. Subsequently, she is an expert on human movement, anatomy and physiology of the body. She has given a clear roadmap on how to empower my stance, every day movement, boost my agility and completely revamp my entire core. I highly recommend working with Dagmar. She listens, cares and is always tuned in to her students needs. Her creativity and innovation never cease to amaze me.

Karn Suffin

production worker

I first met Dagmar about 15 months ago as I have walked into her Yoga Tune Up class in the local gym studio. From the moment Dagmar walked into the room she has instantly commanded our attention and her class totally engaged both our bodies, minds and in fact every cell of our beings. Her energy and sincerity can always be felt in her classes. Her depth of knowledge concerning human body & physiology coupled with her innate ability to share challenging anatomical concept with humor and compassion are unequalled. Dagmar is able to break down poses into their simplest form so that we can embody them in our tissues and practice them safely & effectively. She always makes each and every student feel welcome, making sure that their needs are seen and that they matter as part of the entire class. Dagmar is incredibly inspiring, and consistently delivers amazingly valuable content. She listens, cares and is always ‘tuned’ in with her students. Looking back, working with Dagmar has made an incredible difference! It has given me doorway to optimal alignment and gave me pocket filled with self-care tools that I can use to keep living better in my body. Now that is powerful stuff!

Deirdre Guilfoyle

sales assistant

Dagmar is a very knowledgeable and experienced teacher, with a great understanding of how to challenge students safely and effectively to improve their body awareness, strength and co-ordination. Her classes are a great mix of informative skill-building, hard work and playfulness. I would highly recommend her courses or private instructions for anyone wanting to work on muscle imbalances, improved posture and range of movement, clearing out old injuries and breaking down scar tissue, or simply learn how to live better in their body.

Linda Fennessy

relief worker at Homeless services

For years I had never considered Yoga even though a friend of mine had often suggested it. Then I came across Dagmar, and found myself hooked. Dagmar has an amazing knowledge of how the body works and she brings this detail into all of her classes. Having a science background myself I understand how the body works, but her knowledge of the muscles, joints and connective tissues and how they impact on each other is amazing. Dagmar’s teachings are not just about different techniques, she truly lives and breathes Yoga and is always so willing to share the benefits that regular practice brings to daily life.

Una Fortune

technical engineer