3 essential steps for healing vulvodynia

healing vulvodynia

When it comes to healing vulvodynia, I strongly believe that it is essential for women to educate themselves about this condition, and truly understand their bodies from the inside-out. It is not enough to stay dependent on anti-depressants, anesthetics and nerve blocks for rest of our lives. It is essential to pull up the sleeves,
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How to move from sexual shame to sexual confidence

sexual shame moves to sexual confidence

Moving from sexual shame to sexual confidence – is this truly possible? Without a question, we know that as humans we are sexual beings. Yet, so many of us have been taught from a very young age to suppress this part of our nature, to hide away from it, or to see it as wrong
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Why every woman needs sexual healing

Text reads "Why Every Woman Needs Sexual Healing with Dagmar Khan" with image of a purple pillow and striped couch and image of Dagmar

  I am a huge believer that every single woman on the planet both needs and deserves deep sexual healing. And when it comes to sexual healing; this is one of the most common questions women ask me: “How can I recognize whether I am carrying trauma inside of my body?” Without a question, the
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