How sexual healing can revolutionize your life

What could body-hatred, painful menstrual cycles and undigested sexual trauma possibly have in common?

This is the question I like to ask to women from every walk of life.

And the answer surprises many of them….

…It is a deep need for embodied sexual healing.

Sexual healing has nothing to do with expensive medical treatments, or being in superbly vulnerable and tender space for rest of your life.

Sexual healing is about equipping you with body-based tools, such as breathwork, jade egg practices and trauma resolution tools to help you reclaim your aliveness.

To help you release troublesome emotions from your psycho-sexuality, so you can let go of fear, shame or extreme body hatred.

To allow you strengthen muscles of your pelvic floor and vagina- so you can counteract physical problems such as incontinence or prolapse.

To support you to release sexual trauma from your body- so you can feel more open to your partner, and reclaim your sexual pleasure.

Sexual healing puts power of embodied healing of sexuality into your own hands- giving you the tools, the understanding and the roadmap to do the work in the safety of your home.

Tune into this week’s vlog to learn how sexual healing can ABSOLUTELY revolutionize your life.

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