If you’re experiencing pain – no matter what the cause – you just want it to stop.


Or maybe you’ve watched a loved one struggle with pain and you want to do absolutely everything you possibly can to make sure you remain healthy and pain-free for years to come. The key to long-term health is how you take care of yourself, day in, day out.

If you’re in pain, an effective self-care programme can unravel what’s at the root of your pain and help eliminate it. And if you’re pain-free, a regular dose of self-care will keep you performing at your best.

Together, we can create a proactive plan to help you deal with (or avoid):

  • back pain
  • shoulder issues
  • neck tension
  • hip discomfort
  • knee uneasiness
  • foot injuries

We can also work to:

  • restore the health of your digestion
  • overcome hernias
  • or to improve your sleep cycle

Live Pain-Free and Optimize Your Whole Body’s Performance

The missing link between our health, pain-free wellness and longevity is knowing how to ‘’undo’’ the wear and tear of everyday life and conditioning your body with conscious self-care.

If you want to resolve pain, prevent injury and optimize whole body performance, this program will teach you specific strategies for performing essential self-maintenance on your precious body.

The Self-Care Healthcare Programme enables you to create wellness from the inside-out with fundamental self-care strategies that’ll condition your joints, increase health of your tissues and promote wellness to every aspect of your being.

dagmarprogramme details

Self-Care HealthCare is a personalized one-to-one programme focused on rehabilitation, basic self-maintenance and empowered education.

It uses self-massage strategies, corrective exercises, alignment therapy, breathing and relaxation strategies all tied in together in one comprehensive system. It is designed to help you restore and maintain the health of your body, promote better physiological functioning and create wellness from the inside-out.

The programme includes:

  • A complete review of your medical history.
  • Whole body embodied education.
  • Targeted self-massage strategies for relieving pain, improving posture and performance and increasing your relaxation response.
  • A corrective exercises blueprint for rehabilitating your body from inside-out.
  • Movement therapy designed to re-tone specific muscle groups and tissues.
  • A self-care approach for restoring your sleeping patterns, and giving you doorway for waking up refreshed every morning.
  • A complete step-by-step roadmap for helping you build emotional resilience, bolster your nervous system and make you stress-proof.

LaneCircleAfter suffering with chronic pain in my hip for nearly 3 years, not able to run comfortably (which is one thing I absolutely love), and being constantly tired, I found myself {almost} at the end of the rope. Dagmar taught me and gave me the exact tools and strategies that can make a huge difference in my own recovery and maintenance of my hip issue. She listened to me carefully and was able to fully adapt to the style of communication that allowed me to learn about self-care in the most efficient way. It is so empowering to know the exact root cause of my problem, and know how to both fix it and prevent it from recurring again.

After going through the Self-Care HealthCare programme I have a full recovery plan in place, I can sleep comfortably without pain, I know that I don’t need a huge medical procedure and have full hope on getting back on the running track soon!

Lane Clark



The no.1 reason for us to start working together is to give you the utmost level of clarity. You are trying to get a greater degree of understanding on how to move more efficiently, overcome certain painful injury or maximize your whole-body performance.  You want to learn how to take an excellent care of yourself and scale these positive changes into your daily life. With every single session, every single question, and every single tool and strategy I will share with you my commitment to you is to ensure that we exploring topics and questions at a great level of depth so that you can get an excellent understanding of yourself, of your own body, and ultimately-of your own life. Whether it’s a help with building a rehabilitation programme {due to pain or after surgery}; creating better-sleeping routines or crafting an overall plan for higher levels of health and energy in your body- you will step out with a precision blueprint to take your physical health to the next level.


You are trying to be better as a person, become more disciplined, persistent, and good at execution of your goals. The challenge sometimes is that you might need a pep talk, or are unaware of what’s holding you back from moving forward. You will be held accountable for what you say you are going to do, congruent with the values you have communicated to me. In our program and work together, you will become a better person by getting help to create a greater level of congruence in your life.


You know that at times it might be challenging to be congruent, and you know that giving up on yourself that might be leading to a lack of physical freedom in your body. As a result, your whole life might feel like one where you are locked in, controlled or restless to get out. You need someone to push you forward, to think bigger about your body and your physical health, and to have more perspective on your situation. You will be challenged not just about assuming who you are, but rather pushing yourself outside of those boundaries. You will learn and explore new ways of overcoming pain, moving, breathing, resting, exercising and taking a strategic care of your body- so you can focus on living your best life.


Is all about that ability to have someone there who is high-fiving and cheering you along the way. You might feel like your friend’s group, circumstances, neighborhood, or your partner don’t fully support you and your life’s vision. The greatest element that comes out of us working together is a companionship towards your health goals, your ongoing growth, and mission in life. You will get the certainty of receiving the incredible amount of positive energy into your life, and trust they you don’t have to do it alone. Our process will be geared toward progress and the future, engendering an enthusiastic energy regarding where you’re at and where you’re trying to go.


Charlotte-Lowe-Picture-150x150My favorite part of Dagmar’s work is having the ability and the know-how to get into my own body and find the areas of pain, tension or knotted muscle and relieve it all by myself; literally in matter of few minutes.It’s like scratching no one knows how to do it better than yourself!!! The rolling and self-massage practices have helped me balance my nervous system, which resulted in more daily relaxation and ability to sleep like a baby at night. My digestion has improved and I no longer need to be dependent on medications, massage remedies and expensive physio treatments.

Working with Dagmar was like someone has pressed the RESET button on my body- there
is no looking back, only looking forward to a brighter future!

Charlotte Lowe
Director at Commercial Refrigeration

ruth“Dagmar gave me the confidence to start pro-actively taking care of my body, so I am not at the mercy of pain and anxiety. I am sleeping more soundly at night, and I am waking up in the morning feeling refreshed & enthused about the new day.

My body is no longer a puzzle to me. I know how to take care of myself, and trust that a small dose of self-care continues to create wellness from the inside-out.”

Ruth Flynn
Visual Artist, Live Performer

Book Your Self-Care Healthcare Sessions Now


The full Self-Care Healthcare Programme will give you a highly personalized rehab protocol customized to your specific situation and needs.


  • 4x Self-Care HealthCare Sessions (value €600)
  • Follow Up Email + Self-Care Worksheet After Each Session (value €350)
  • Specialized In Between Sessions Email Support (value priceless)
  • Self-Care HealthCare Workbook (value €300)


  • Bonus #1: Understanding the Physiology of Stress Mastermind (value €49.99)
  • Bonus #2: Creating Habits Of Mindfulness Mastermind (value €49.99)
  • Bonus #3: Coregeous Ball+ pair of Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls (value €49.99)

TOTAL VALUE: €1390.00
YOUR INVESTMENT: €397.00 or 2 split payments of €207.00

This programme comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

dagmarkhan_image_consultstestimonial” Sleeping peacefully and resting well throughout the night was a challenge for many many years, and as I continue to grow in my later years, I started to realize the importance of being able to restore all throughout the night. I felt tired most of the time, and I had to push myself both physically and mentally to get through the days. In my search for the solutions, I have tried many things; yet nothing seemed to provide me with lasting results.

Self-Care HealthCare Programme allowed me to get literally in the game. Dagmar has taught me a unique set of tools, stretching routines, and specialized breathing practices, that allowed me to stare away from worry and anxiety and plant more joy, calm, and happiness into my mind. I am sleeping so much better, and in fact, I have increased my sleeping cycle by solid 3-4 hours extra every single night.

The best part? I am experiencing more relaxation and centeredness in myself all throughout the day, and knowing how to slip into restful night sleep and wake up feeling great in the morning allows me to have a vision for an incredible future.”

Mary O’Keeffee
concierge and steward