Redefining paradigm of self-love


Relationship to our body is a crucial component to our perception of ourselves, to the way we treat {or mistreat} ourselves, and the kind of choices, habits and daily commitments we have in connection to our bodies.

Sadly, our world is filled with epidemics of body-hatred. Filled with jealousy over ‘’her perfect thighs.’’ Of not good-enoughness.  More and more of us; we seek for moments of approval over perfectly captured Instagram snap, bragging about green diet or the 10 pounds we have recently managed to drop.

Yet when we receive eye-to-eyes, truly felt compliment from a stranger- we have a hard time taking it in and completely accepting it. It is easy for us to avoid eye contact, shrug a shoulder or think what’s wrong with them {don’t they see how disgusted I feel about myself}?

From my mid- twenties, I am a HUGE advocate for deliberate self-love. No, not just the type of self-care where I get my manicure done every 3 weeks, ensure that I don’t step out without makeup or always have a perfect haircut- I am rather talking about the act of deliberate self-care.

  • The type of self-love that allows me to flourish from inside-out.
  • The type of self-love that gives me the freedom to feel my feelings.
  • The type of self-love that nourishes and energizes my body.
  • The type of self-love that makes me feel alive.

Yes, it is true, that for years it was so hard for me to love the shape of my belly, and the configuration of my bum. It was nearly impossible to accept that I am size 14 jeans. It was so painful for me to lovingly look into my eyes in the mirror and say: ‘’I love you.’’

But I also knew that I don’t want to live my life this way. I don’t want to go through my days hating myself, disliking my choices or feeling disgusted by the shape of my arms.

  • I was clear that I want to feel alive.
  • I want to feel connected to my body.
  • I want to experience the magic of life- by feeling beautiful in my own body.

Love is a truly source of ALL THRIVING on this planet. No matter what is going on, love is the greatest healing mechanism available to us of all times.

So, today I want to take a stance: I want to take a stance for RADICAL SELF-LOVE. Loving the parts of ourselves that are precious, beautiful, sexy, but also the parts that we have learnt to shame and numb.




This is a post {slightly edited} from my friend and colleague Stacy Hamm. This post is a perfect morning celebration, a prayer, and invitation to be more connected to yourself:

‘’I love you, body. No matter how many cheesecakes, sweets, donuts and pizzas I give you; you always love me back. You continue to forgive me again and again, offer me beautiful metabolism, and you still clearly signal what you need after I’ve neglected you and abandoned you. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve you, but I know you’re showing the deepest meaning of unconditional love. AND IF YOU CAN LOVE MY FLAWS-so can I. I don’t know how you do it, but you always bring me back to love. Back to beauty. Back to life. Thank you for sticking with me through hard times. I promise I’m going to love you better from today onward. ‘’



This is one of my absolutely most favourite practices- that is designed to help you generate more natural self-love and self-appreciation for all of yourself.


Try it out for next 7 days- and you will be amazed at how much more aliveness and connection you are experiencing in your own body!

Let me know what you think about taking a stance for radical self-love in the comments below!





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