Thanks to pelvic floor issues, you once felt like a beautiful, vibrant woman who was enjoying life to the fullest. But now, you just can’t do the same things you used to and you find yourself in downward spiral of frustration and disappointment. You want to find a way to get back to the way things used to be before you started experiencing issues related to your pelvic floor.

Your pelvic issues have been going on for a while, and may include:

  • Ongoing pelvic pain or SI joint dysfunction.
  • Difficulty getting pregnant, or experiencing problems during pregnancy.
  • Changes during menopause to your pelvic floor. Suffering with endometriosis.
  • A desire to prevent/or fully recover after pelvic floor surgery.

Your pelvic floor condition means you’re experiencing one (or all) of the following:

  • Despite taking care of your health and living an active lifestyle, now a little sneeze or cough brings on embarrassing leaks.
  • After childbirth, your pelvic floor never really recovered.
  • You’re experiencing severe pelvic pain during your menstrual cycle.
  • Making love to your partner isn’t enjoyable or comfortable which leaves you missing the closeness you once had.
  • You’ve been diagnosed with organ prolapse; or want to recover after hysterectomy.

Worst of all, your physician doesn’t seem to know how to help you.

You’ve been to your family doctor, your specialist and anyone else who would see you. So you’re doing everything you can including zillions of kegels and nothing seems to make a difference.

You’re so tired of being held back from life because of your pelvic floor. You long to be confident and sexy instead of in pain and dreading anything to do with sex. You want to be able to run, jump, play with your kids or grandkids and have a menstrual cycle doesn’t put you in bed for 48 hours at a time with debilitating pain.


Unfortunately, the female pelvic floor is the single least understood area of women’s body. Poor alignment, repetitive stress injuries, lack of tissue strength, childbirth or menopause can create too much stress on the pelvic floor, easily leading to pain, incontinence and organ prolapse.

As women, we usually feel like we need to “live” with our pelvic floor issues, but I want you to know there’s another way.

Introducing Pelvic Floor Rehab

Pelvic Floor Rehab is a personalized one-to-one programme focused on rehabilitation, basic self-maintenance and empowered education.

Imagine, instead of leaks and pain, you could…

:: Dance the whole night away without worrying about peeing your pants
:: Engage in the physical activities you love without issues
:: Have a hope of avoiding surgery that your doctor keeps suggesting as the answer
:: Experience a menstrual cycle with no or only minor pain
:: Improve your sex life and feel close with your partner again
:: Say goodbye to your muffin top and have a flat tummy
:: Resolve your SI joint pain once and for all
:: Eliminate pelvic symptoms related to menopause
:: Prepare your body for pregnancy or ensure your health during pregnancy
:: Get out of this horrible discomfort for good and get back to your life without limits.

Pelvic Floor Rehab makes this all possible.

This one-on-one experience offers you the tools and cutting-edge education to help you overcome pelvic pain and restore your pelvis post-pregnancy, through menopause or anywhere in between. It’s designed for any woman suffering with pelvic floor conditions or pain including: pre-or-post pelvic surgery, post-hysterectomy, mild or major incontinence or organ prolapse, vulvodynia, SI joint pain and vaginismus.

dagmarkhan_image_consultstestimonial“After a full hysterectomy at 39, I had five years problem-free, and was delighted with my new found freedom. I took up jogging and yoga, and put the years of worry and discomfort behind me. Unfortunately, I found myself with a double prolapse well on its way, and I was probably facing another big operation. I remembered Dagmar from a Yoga Tune Up workshop I had attended a few years ago, and asked her if she could help me and it was by far the best decision I could possibly make!

Working with Dagmar, I saw a remarkable improvement from the very first session and received, sustainable support with all the knowledge, techniques and exercises I needed to continue healing and maintaining the health of my pelvic floor into the future.

After 6 months of fully engaging in pelvic floor rehab programme, my gynecologist could not believe the tremendous improvement in the position of my pelvic organs. I am officially prolapse free and very hopeful of avoiding another surgery. Make an appointment with Dagmar and start supporting and nurturing your pelvic floor. Think of it as insurance in yourself! I promise it will pay off!”

Emma Maguire
social & community worker

During this program, we’ll use alignment, corrective exercises, breathing strategies and self-massage techniques to restore the health of your pelvis from inside-out.

Working together, my role is to educate and support you while providing the most effective self-care programme for your pelvic floor rehabilitation.

In this programme, we focus on optimizing the health of your pelvis and supporting the function of your pelvic floor to help you reach your personal goals such as: preparing your pelvic floor for childbirth, eliminating incontinence, restoring health of your organs or creating a more enjoyable sex life.


Your Pelvic Floor Rehab includes:

  • A complete review of your medical history.
  • Education on the anatomy of your pelvic floor.
  • Pelvic floor relaxation and strength training.
  • Effective self-care strategies to enhance pelvic floor health.
  • If appropriate, bladder/bowel retraining or hands-on-therapy.
  • Optimal movement strategies for your pelvis to provide mobility and stability.
  • Movement therapy designed to re-tone specific muscle groups.
  • A focus on muscle function to ensure appropriate blood flow and nerve conduction for pelvic and organ health.


Are you ready to get back your confidence and trust your body again? Pelvic Floor Rehab will help you eliminate your pelvic floor issues and pain so you can be the healthy, beautiful and vibrant woman you deserve to be.

Plus, when we wrap up you’ll receive special handouts and a complete review of your personalized Pelvic Floor Rehab Programme so you have the exact know-how on how to implement pelvic floor rehab into your everyday life.


Book Your Pelvic Floor Rehab Sessions Now

Pelvic Floor Rehab Programme

The full Pelvic Floor Rehab Programme will give you a highly personalized rehab protocol customized to your specific situation and needs.


  • 6x Pelvic Floor Rehab Sessions (value €6,000)
  • Follow Up Email + Pelvic Floor Rehab Worksheet After Each Session (value €900)
  • Specialized In Between Sessions Email Support (value €900)
  • Pelvic Floor Rehab Workbook (value €550)


  • Bonus #1: Jade Egg: Total Pelvic Revolution Programme {value €797}
  • Bonus #2: highest quality Jade Egg {value €80}
  • Bonus #3: Yoga Strap + kit of Therapy Ball System  {YTU, Coregeous and Alpha/ value €97}

YOUR INVESTMENT: 1 payment of €2,500 or 3 payments of €887.00 

This programme comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

dagmarkhan_image_consultstestimonial” I have knocked on the door of Pelvic Floor Rehab Programme after trying to recover my body post pregnancy. I have been experiencing pelvic instability issues and my lower back tend to go into spasms; and as a result I was struggling returning to my high levels of fitness.Pelvic Floor Rehab programme was the first programme of its kind which taught me the power of neutral pelvis; and actually gave me the key distinctions to fully embody this position in every exercise and movement endeavor.

Working with Dagmar allowed me to learn new skills and tools to start my pelvic healing journey. She takes extraordinary time and care to break down all the information into super-digestible pieces; which gave me the clarity to implement this work into my everyday life. I took all the new learnings and embraced with all of my heart and all of my soul.

As a result; I am feeling stronger both mentally and physically and have the confidence in myself to rehab and heal my body from the inside out.

Mary Mcgrath

owner of Get Your Locks Off