• I’m here to help you overcome fear around your prolapse becoming worse in the future
  • I’m here to support you to start taking control over your pelvic situation
  • Together, let’s build more strenght and trust in your own body





I’m Dagmar Khan, women’s health educator and stress-management specialist.

I help successful females from all walks of life to untangle stress, prevent painful injuries and optimize their whole-body performance: so they can focus on living their best life

I love to support strong and courageous women –like yourself– to get the clarity, confidence and tools you need to return to high levels of fitness, fall in love with your body, feel strong and alive; and as I jokingly like to say:

”Start rolling with passion.”



in this FREE GUIDE you’ll discover:

  • How to Restore The Strength of your Pelvis
  • Strategies for Creating Environment For Organ Prolapse Healing
  • Tools for Recovering After Childbirth & Pregnancy 
  • and the Know-How for Building Lasting Pelvic Floor Health



dagmarkhan_image_consultstestimonial”After 6 months of fully engaging in pelvic floor rehab programme, my gynecologist could not believe the tremendous improvement in the position of my pelvic organs. I am officially prolapse free and very hopeful of avoiding another surgery. Work with Dagmar and start supporting and nurturing your pelvic floor. Think of it as insurance in yourself! I promise it will pay off!”   (Emma Maguire, Waterford)




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