Nourishing practice for your pelvic floor {guided relaxation when you need it the most}

Woman laying on floor with red heating pad with text Pelvic Floor Relaxation.


I have created this video, because so many of you wrote in, and asked me: “How can I create more pelvic floor relaxation?”

You wanted to have a simple, nourishing practice that you can do every single day, that will help you connect with your ‘lady bits’, foster deep pelvic floor connection, and make you feel good inside of your body.

Therefore, I have decided to make this delicious PELVIC FLOOR NIDRA 15 minute guided practice for you; that you can do in the morning; or at night just before you go to sleep, and it will make you feel outstanding.

In fact, it has a potential to serve, you two-fold:

  1. IT CREATES DEEP RELAXATION inside of your pelvic floor, womb, and ovaries.
  2. IT FOSTERS AN ENVIRONMENT of deep rest & rejuvenation in your entire body

Now before you hit play on this powerful practice, I would like to help you understand the difference between ‘pelvic floor stretching’ and ‘pelvic floor relaxation.’

As women, we tend to carry stresses of the world in different parts of our bodies- for some women the vulnerable area is the lower back, for some women, it’s the jaw, and obviously, for many of us, the ‘hot spots’ are our shoulders.And when tensions and stresses of the world become a chronic pattern of holding inside of our body, the shoulders become elevated, resulting in a new ‘’default position’’ of the upper body. This, of course, leads to myriads of problems, such as shoulder pain, chronic headaches, and neck degeneration.

You will get the certain result by trying to stretch your shoulders and free up the neck, yet it’s completely different scenario to simply ‘drop your shoulders’; which is a decision that happens in the deep parts of your unconscious mind.

The same thing holds true for the pelvic floor. It’s one thing trying to stretch your pelvic floor, by following certain hip stretches or yoga asanas, and it’s a completely different scenario to foster deep relaxation in your pelvic floor musculature.

In my work, as a pelvic floor & sexuality specialist, I have noticed that so many women struggle with chronic tension inside of their pelvic floor. As a result, they might suffer from vulvodynia, vaginismus, painful sex, or have truly hard time with completely emptying their bladder.

This practice is the first thing I offer new mothers after giving birth; as a way to reconnect with their sexuality and the pelvic floor. It is also incredibly helpful as a deep healing practice for women after hysterectomies {or any surgery on their reproductive organs} and any women who have ever experienced sexual abuse or trauma.

You want to do this practice in a place where you can lie down, feel completely safe, and deeply comfortable.

So: press play, and let’s help your pelvic floor feel out-standing {the actual practice starts at 3:40 in the video if you want to skip straight there} 🙂




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