JADE EGG 101: How to heal past trauma and relieve symptoms of vulvodynia with the egg

Today, I want to share with you one of the most powerful healing mechanisms around Jade Egg practice, and how it offers a healing refuge for women with sexual trauma and/or those suffering with vulvodynia. 

And I am so excited to share this mechanism with you, since this week, we have opened enrollment of the Jade Egg: Total Pelvic Revolution Programme, which is a 5-week online programme + group coaching that teaches you how to safely and effectively work with the Jade Egg. 

This programme is designed to heal your sexuality and reclaim your inner radiance. 

When our bodies carry trauma, or we suffer with vulvodynia, there is a level of healing that is required to understand what actually happened and why we feel the way we feel.

This is the healing that happens at the thinking and verbal levels of the mind.  

But there is also a deeper layer that is pre-verbal. It’s energetic and sensational, and it goes deeper inside women’s sexuality.  

When you liberate your nervous system and heal at this level {which is fully connected to your body}, you literally work with parts of you that don’t require words or the ‘’what happened’’ story.  

And one of the key ways to understand these tools is to understand Wilhelm Reich, a modern developer of our understanding of sexual energy, trauma and issues.  

Reich saw that social conditioning and trauma produces trapped or stagnant energy inside of the sexual system.  

When this energy is not released, it creates a level of tension and holding which then results in disassociated patterns and body tension that leads to desensitizing, numbness, and eventually – pain.  


So, when you work with the Jade Egg and allow your sexuality to relax, open and help your energy to move, you are simultaneously liberating social conditioning and sexual trauma.  

You are moving stagnant, blocked energy and literally ‘breathing’ new life into your system.  

Let me share with you this exact mechanism and more details about this healing inside of this week’s video: 

JADE EGG PROGRAMME INVITATION: I would love to extend an opportunity to you, to work with me step-by-step, inside of my Jade Egg: Total Pelvic Revolution Programme. 

This is the most effective Jade Egg training on how to heal from pain, how to deeply restore your nervous system, and how to hard-wire your brain for more pleasure. 

I have spent more than a decade on developing the most effective methodology, and everything inside of the course is delivered for your MAXIMUM pleasure.  

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