How Jade Egg helps to boost fertility


Being fertile is hugely important; in fact- it’s one of the basic human birthright of being a woman. Yet so many women nowadays struggle with fertility issues. It is said, that 1 in 6 couples who are actively trying to baby will encounter challenges around conception. And that is, my friend, whopping 17-18% of couples.

The first thing when it comes to fertility is you want to become aware of your STRESS cycles. And when I say stress, I don’t mean just your life being hectic, you are running around like headless chicken, and literally not having enough time to breathe.

Stress can enter your body and your nervous system in lot of different forms; ranging from:

  • NUTRITIONAL STRESS- your body not receiving enough nutrients, and enzymes, or your food not coming from organic sources
  • EMOTIONAL STRESS- emotions such as anger, shame or grief that are stored in your body, can have huge impact on how you feel
  • ENVIRONMENTAL STRESS- the effects on your body that might come from pollution, or living in an urban city

All of the effects of stress can easily interfere with the natural vitality, and movement of life force in your pelvis, your uterus and your womb. Regular Jade Egg practice helps to counter-effect this trend, and feed your vital organs with hydration and oxygenation- which can have healing impact on your entire monthly cycle.

This video will explore Jade Egg practice in more details, and introduce you to three amazing tips that will allow you to relax, and start transforming stress into vitality.


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