How Jade Egg Helped Me Overcome Trauma and Find Sexual Healing


The sad truth of our modern lives is that sexual abuse, rape and incest are so prevalent in our culture. It is reported that 1 in 6 women has been sexually traumatized; yet so many cases often end up unreported. Women might be threatened, can feel afraid, or their environment simply does not allow the disclosure of abuse.

In my experience, working with women all across the world, and from all walks of life, it is more like 1 in 4; even every 1 in 3 women who are victims of sexual violence. Because where there is abuse there is silence – not just about what happened with the abuse but in becoming mute in all areas of life.

Every day, I hear stories from women, who have gone through unspeakable trauma and suffering, and many many years later they are still living with the pain inside of them. When I work with my 1:1 coaching clients, so many tell me that they have been sexually abused-15, 20, even 30 years ago, but never went through full trauma healing and integration.

Many of them have done serious work on themselves, and in their best intention they might have been practicing yoga for years, are meditating on daily basis, eating nourishing foods- but they still experience numbness and disconnection in their own body {primarily around sexuality}. They might have been married, loyal and loving to their partners, but often it’s this unresolved trauma that is having huge impact on their sexuality.

And when they try to make love to their partners, they so deeply desire to be open with him….but their body might in chronic sexual shutdown.

They hunger of opening up to him sexually….but there are often parts of their body {like belly, breasts or vulva} that feel disgusted with touch and connection.

It is not unusual for them to not to desire sex, feel disgusted by sex or even go off sex all together….

In my own life, I have been sexually abused as a young teenager, between the age of 12-15 by my uncle. And even though this reality has been extremely painful, once it has passed and came to an end, I took all the guilt of the entire experience on myself. It was not until my mid-twenties that I started to change some of the mental perception around being sexually abused. When I met my husband, the man of my dreams, I wanted to open up to him so much- but the effects of trauma has created serious wounding in my nervous system, resulting in deep blockages around sex and intimacy.

No matter how much I would try and motivate myself, or tap into self-discipline, there were parts of my body and psyche that I just could not open up. My breasts were untouchable, I felt ashamed when my husband looked lovingly into my eyes, and the most intimate experiences would many times be the deepest sources of pain.

And this is where I have decided to work with a therapist. I have been in psychotherapy for many many years, which has been extremely helpful, but one of the things that has been missing inside of therapy was doing the healing and approaching the integration at the tissue level where sexual abuse has actually taken place. By having access to the Jade Egg practices and starting to explore trauma integration work, I was able to heal and discharge the pain at the level where the abuse has actually taken place. This allowed me to not only heal sexually, but also experience the utmost level of love, vibrancy and connection with my husband.




The truth is this: When woman carries trauma, she won’t recognize its effects until the trauma is fully healed and integrated. And sexual trauma is EXACTLY what strips us of the basic goodness of life. People who want to feel better, heal, and work on releasing trauma, have often one thing in common: a BURNING DESIRE TO LIVE.


Working with Jade Egg around trauma integration is unique, because it offers women ability to release shame, guilt and fear- and replace it with love, joy and celebration.

According of my Tantra and Sexuality mentor, Layla Martin: ”Jade Egg is a palpable tool with a practical processes that gives women a container and structure for doing healing work as well as enhancing their pleasure and sexual potential.”



1. Psycho-emotional healing

This part of healing is all about releasing and integrating challenging emotions, and belief systems that women might have around sexuality.

For instance:  Releasing guilt and shame around feeling sexual pleasure.

This allows for healing of sexual disconnection, and once healing is done and completed- it has an opportunity to be replaced with vibrant and playful sexuality.

The 4 powerful components for psycho-emotional healing are:

Breathing: Deep, full and relaxed breathing gives women opportunity to feel more in-depth and wider range of emotions; so they can go deep enough and are able to witness and feel the sensations in their bodies. Deep breathing is also incredibly helpful for coming back into an integrated and healed state inside of the body.

Sounding:  Deep, authentic sounding of the sensations in the body allows the emotions or any stuck energy to move and be liberated. It has tremendous healing capacity, and in combination with deep breathing is portal for releasing sexual trauma from women’s body.

Movement:  One of the most common patterns with sexual trauma is that energy gets stucked into certain part of the body- locking itself into ‘’frozen pattern of expression.’’ Movement is the absolute medicine here: allowing and encouraging movement can invite a freedom that is healing and liberating in women’s sexuality. Often times, the movement might serve as a powerful tool for completing certain stress cycle in the nervous system, and actions such as whole-body shaking or kicking can be extremely supportive and liberating for trauma release.

Intention: Intentionality is super-important, because it is precisely one of the things that trauma can easily take away. Intention is all about using your mindset to create a psychological container for sexual healing and reclaiming choice in the moment. Bringing intention into the process allows women to heal in a way that feels manageable, digestible and safe, while making the journey as gentle and as loving as they are able to currently digest. You can have an intention of heal and release any sexual trauma- such as releasing pain caused by rape in the past; or heal the suffering that comes from sexual abuse in childhood; and this is going to be done in extremely gentle and compassionate way for my body.

If you want to explore these tools for psycho-emotional healing in more details, and learn how to use them as integral part of trauma healing, join me in my FREE ONLINE MASTERCLASS: NO.1 SECRET FOR BOOSTING SEXUAL DESIRE.


2.  Physiological Healing

The second way of working with Jade Egg is tremendously helpful around sexual trauma is creating doorway to physiological healing. The specific things that have opportunity to be addressed are pelvic pain, tension, organ prolapse and according of Eastern Medicine, even certain types of diseases {such as fibroids, polycystic ovaries and chronic yeast infections}. Regular Jade Egg practices is very supportive of restoring strength and elasticity of sexual regions {such as clitoris, perineum, vulva and vagina}, while enhancing the vitality of all the soft tissues that create hammock of the pelvic floor.

3. Trauma Healing

Addressing trauma within the Jade Egg practice is deeply connected to psycho-emotional healing {see above}, but many times can also have a deeper component. The major difference is that there is a specific intention of healing and integration of their trauma. Doing Trauma Healing with Jade Egg is process that takes place on a somatic level {meaning in the body rather than in the mind as counselling offers}, and allows women to release layers of pain and shutdown and directly work on their sexuality.


Once again, the fuel for doing this work is the DESIRE TO LIVE.

Is the burning desire to CELEBRATE.

Is the desire to be and feel BEAUTIFUL.

And to say YES openly and unapologetically to your sexuality.


I am huge believer in having the tools and skills for healing trauma as a regular self-care practice, which can truly one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves as women. It is one of the most potent and powerful decisions we can make in our lives- healing and integrating trauma is a doorway to magnetic life, to unspoken beauty, and to celebration.

If you want to explore more detailed approach how to use Jade Egg to heal and integrate sexual trauma, abuse and suffering- check out my TOTAL PELVIC REVOLUTION programme. {registration opening later on this week}. 




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