How to release tight pelvic floor {with pelvic floor massage}


Have you ever struggled with carrying too much tension inside of your pelvic floor?  Maybe you have been diagnosed with vaginismus, or out of nowhere you have begun experiencing urge incontinence? You know, this is the type of incontinence where you might be sitting with your friends and having nice meal, or perhaps you are in the middle of progressing on a major task in work, and out of nowhere you have this burning urging sensation where you have to go to bathroom RIGHT. AWAY!

I would like to share with you today simple, yet very effective tool called ‘’pelvic floor massage’’- which is designed to bring blood flow, circulation and introduce more relaxation to the tissues of your pelvis.

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LOOKING AT THE MODEL: Imagine opening of vagina as a clock. Top of vaginal opening is number 12; bottom {close to anal sphincter} is no.6. In your practice of pelvic floor massage, you want to work your way from 3-9 on the imaginary clock; meaning moving away from the northern hemisphere of your vaginal opening {close to 12 o’clock}. Ideally, you do this practice in the evening/ last thing at night.





  • Lie down on your back, with your knees propped {which will allow your pelvis to be more in neutral}
  • Using good quality lubricant {I love using raw coconut oil}, hydrate and moisturize the openings of vagina
  • Use your index and middle finger to work with the outside of vagina, and your thumb to work with the inside of vaginal opening
  • Travel your thumb to the inside of your vagina, in slightly angle-like approach
  • Begin to work your way around the skins and underlying muscle tissue
  • Travel your thumb in slight strokes downwards towards 6 o’clock
  • Create pressure/ release approach to different points inside of your vagina
  • Play with circular motion, looking for points of tension and tenderness
  • Work your way upto 9 o’clock on the imaginary ‘watch’
  • Spend solid 10 minutes investing motion, suppleness and hydration in all tissues surrounding the vagina


Pelvic floor massage practice will help you open up new levels of suppleness, motion and relaxation, so you can truly create pelvic floor that yields well and lasts you for a lifetime.

Ready to learn how to rehabilitate your pelvic floor from inside-out?  Join me for HEALING THE FEMALE PELVIC FLOOR WORKSHOP.


  • Restoring The Strength of Your Pelvis
  • Bouncing Back From Stress & Urge Incontinence 
  • Recovering After Childbirth & Pregnancy
  • Preventing and Healing Organ Prolapse
  • Overcoming Pelvic Pain 
  • and Building Lasting Pelvic Floor Health

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