How to heal pain during sex


I’ve never shied away from talking to you about things that I think really matter to our lives….

Even if they can be challenging or uncomfortable. Like SEX.

You know, when it comes to sex and women, media and popular culture make us believe that sex is all about pleasure, and desire, and ecstatic screams.

But nothing, literally nothing could be further from the truth…..

Enter my client Susan. I and Susan have been working together on organ prolapse. She has been diagnosed recently with stage 2, and certain that she does not want to go down the surgery road, she sought out 1×1 mentoring with me to help her strengthen both her pelvic floor and vaginal muscles, and get back to all activities she loves.

But few weeks into our process, she has opened up to me with something even more deeper and sensitive. ”Sex has been painful. Over last 2 years, anytime I and my husband try to have sex, we either end up fighting or I am suffering in silence while he is inside of me. Is there something I can do?”

This is not an uncommon story…..

In fact in the recent article The Female Price Of Male Pleasure, researchers have shown that ”30 percent of women report pain during vaginal sex, 72 percent report pain during anal sex, and “large proportions” don’t tell their partners when sex hurts.”

So in this Vlog, I’m giving you a specific 3-step process…

that can help you not only to heal pain, but also understand how unprocessed grief, shame, and sadness can create pain in your body in a first place.

You can make sex feel beautiful and pleasurable again!







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