Love more fiercely and connect to your heart {guided heart-awakening practice}

fall in love

When I started this trauma resolution and holistic sexuality work, I wanted to fall in love with myself.

And that is still how I want to feel, even today.

Because if I were completely in love with myself, then running a business, choosing a partner, loving my body, choosing the right foods, getting enough sleep, and getting out and being social would all line up with my original essence.

Making decisions would be simpler because they would either line up with me being in love with myself or they wouldn’t.

I think most of us have experienced being in love with someone. We love their flaws, their strengths, their quirkiness, what makes them unique … all of them.

We would drive cross-country for them, make them the best dinners, buy them the best cuts of meat, take them on the expensive vacations, and support their decisions to try new passions and ways of being.

Yet, we do not do this for ourselves.

If we were in love with ourselves, then we would behave this way toward ourselves.

We would love our bodies, buy ourselves the expensive thing we have wanted for a year, hold and comfort ourselves when we are sad, and listen to ourselves when we are angry. We would NOT berate ourselves for having emotions. We would not feel guilty for having needs.

AND falling in love with ourselves would mean falling in love with ALL of ourselves.

That is why today, I am so excited to share with you a special free guided heart-awakening practice.

This practice is excellent for:

  • Healing past heartbreaks and trauma to the heart
  • Restoring your heart’s natural capacity for love and belonging
  • Deeply connecting to your body
  • Enhancing love for all parts of yourself

You can check out the practice and full video on how to do the heart-awakening right here!

This practice is part of my monthly programme, called ‘Sexy Confidence.’ It serves women from all over the world to help them build lasting confidence from the inside-out, to unapologetically fall in love with their bodies, and to reclaim their sexual freedom.

SPECIAL BONUS: When you sign up for the programme {it is only €27/ month} by Thursday, 13th Sept midnight, you will get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to a Firestarter Programme {worth €497}.

The Firestarter Programme will give you an exquisite start by teaching you about the 5 foundations of sexy confidence work – helping you create a container for thriving, while uplevelling your money and wealth consciousness.

You can join me in the programme by 13th Sept midnight.





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