How I help my clients heal incontinence

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The less told story about incontinence is that it effects over 80% of women at some stage in their lives…

When we are trying to exercise, or there is a sudden cough or sneeze that silently sneaks in, there are millions of women all across the globe that are embarrassed about their inability to control their bladder efficiently.

This is obviously having an impact on their exercise programme and affecting their ability to freely run around and play with their kids. It often puts a big toll on their body confidence, and many times can even lead to creating walls of separation between themselves and their partners.

Incontinence – it’s understandably a condition most women are too embarrassed to talk about and unfortunately, our health professionals often don’t seem to have a complete solution for helping us feel better.

As a consequence, urinary incontinence often goes untreated and substantially deeply affects women’s personal well-being and quality of life.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…..

Today, I have an amazing opportunity for you. I would love to introduce you to my ground-breaking tool, called TRIFECTA FOR INCONTINENCE.

I have developed this sequence as a result of 10 years of deep learning and working with clients in the field of pelvic floor recovery and whole-body biomechanics.

This will teach you, step-by-step, how to retrain all your muscles in the pelvic floor and allow you to become incredibly strong in your entire pelvis.

It will help you get directly to the root cause of incontinence, and foster deep connection in between your core, your pelvic floor and your breathing muscles.

Best part?

All of this does not cost you any money and does not require a pricey Kegel machine. TRIFECTA FOR INCONTINENCE is based on the innate strength and healthy firing of your own muscle tissues. Let me help you to start training your pelvic floor towards greater levels of strength, and confidence.







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