From Pain to Power: Why sexual healing is the missing piece for recovering from sexual trauma

When I got invited to speak to Terri Kearns, who’s doing in-depth research and writing a book about women who overcame sexual trauma and healed their #metoo stories, I knew right away that our conversation would be a powerful experience.

What better service to the world than showing women that no matter what they’ve gone through, no matter how much they’ve suffered in the past, or how long they’ve stayed in silence, they can not only heal sexually – they CAN ACTUALLY THRIVE.

Like Lisa.

Lisa has been married for 10 beautiful years and has a deeply loving relationship with her husband. But in their 10 years of marriage, she and her partner had never ever had sexual intercourse.

No, this isn’t a cosmic joke…it’s 100% truth.

Early in her life, Lisa experienced sexual trauma that created such a deep wound in her sexuality, that despite her intimate and deeply loving relationship with her husband, she’d never opened up to him fully in their lovemaking.

In case you’re wondering what might be wrong with Lisa, no, it wasn’t only ‘in her head’. Lisa had actually developed a severe case of Vaginismus, which makes any type of penetration – be it tampon, finger or partner’s penis – virtually impossible.

For 10 years, there was only painful silence around this topic between Lisa and her husband, and it wasn’t until they wanted to start a family, that Lisa knew she needed help.

Inside of this POWER episode, From Pain to Power, you’ll learn:

  • Exactly what Lisa did to start healing so she could become a mother
  • Why sexual healing is the MISSING INGREDIENT in healing from sexual trauma
  • My own story of healing from the kidnap of my son {and how that has to do with everything with sexuality}
  • The secrets behind VAGINAL REFLEXOLOGY
  • Why having a good relationship with your vagina is superbly important
  • …and so much more

Watch From Pain to Power below!

In this video, we talk a lot about Jade Eggs, and how working with the Egg is superbly healing for restoring your sexuality and supporting your body. If you’d like to be the first to know when my Jade Egg: Total Pelvic Revolution programme opens up, register here.


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