Feeling Stressed & Tired? Yoga Nidra Can Help

Today’s demanding lifestyle puts toll on most of us. With faster pace of life, 24/7 connectivity and never-ending to-do-lists, all of us are working harder than ever. As a result, we can easily become over stimulated and often times is simply hard to switch off at the end of a long day.As a result our bodies can feel worn down, tensed, tight and achy. The problem continues as we start to experience problems falling asleep, which further results in increasing acidity in our bodies. This knocks down our immune function; which if remains untreated; further creates an environment susceptible to pain, fatigue and multiple diseases.

Attempting to ‘’save ourselves’’ from the negative effects of stress, we pour our 5th cup of coffee by mid-afternoon, grab a bar of chocolate in the evening and completely exhausted fall asleep at 10pm on the sofa- just to wake up 2 hours later in order to get to bed- but now it seems virtually impossible to get some well needed ‘’zzz’’ time.

In the morning, we get up feeling exhausted and tired. Somehow; we drag ourselves out of the bed, take shower and hop in the car. The idea of getting through another day seems almost unimaginable. We are so stressed out living our lives in the flight-or-fight mode that we have lost the ability to switch out of it. When our nervous system is stuck in this mode, it leads to a variety of health problems, including digestive issues, tight muscles, vascular illnesses, and asthma.

The World Health Organization states that by the year 2030, depression and anxiety will be one of the biggest health problems on our planet. How can we change this trajectory and live more fully and deeply?

Today, I am here to offer you a hope. Hope in the form of Yoga Nidra.



Yoga Nidra; often referred to as ‘’Yogic Form of Sleep’’ is an ancient form of guided relaxation and healing process. This specialized relaxation method is designed to release all 3 forms of stresses we tend to experience in our lives-physical stress, mental stress and emotional stress. Yoga Nidra differs from other relaxation techniques through unique rotation of mental awareness over different parts of the body; which is specifically combined with powerful breathing strategies and visualisation. This allows to bring your awareness inside naturally, without lot of mental concentration, or struggled effort. In recent years, the scientific evidence has suggested that 20 minutes of Yoga Nidra allows the body to rejuvenate equally as 4 hours of biological sleep.



Unlike most meditation practices out there, when you are asked to sit with your legs crossed-legged and focus (which is often hard since your back gets very uncomfortable); Yoga Nidra is practiced in very satisfying position lying either on the floor or in the bed. When I work privately with my clients, our main emphasis is always to create a real physical comfort. We often use multiple cushions, bolsters and blankets so they can be free of squirm or fiddle, and experience real comfort from the outside-in.



We often think that we need to go-go-go, exactly as though we would operate like machines. But even machines need breaks and regular maintenance. And your body and brain is exactly the same way:  if you don’t allow it to pause, reset and re-asses, it will gradually stop working at the optimal level. Yoga Nidra is practice that helps to:

  • restore and renew the body, mind and heart
  • release the accumulated stress, and unravel physical tension
  • feel better & become more energised
  • tap into your creativity reservoir

Additionally, forming regular habit out of Yoga Nidra will also grant you better ability to sleep well during the night, wake up feeling refreshed and experience more well-being throughout the day.  Furthermore, due to its effects on calming the nervous system, it has been clinically shown to be effective in reducing the symptoms of chronic pain.

Stress is a signal from your body that something needs attention. does not have to hurt you or shred you into pieces.




I will be teaching specialized seminar titled STRESS-LESS: REDUCE ANXIETY & RESTORE EMOTIONAL WELLNESS on 6th Dec in Spirit Leisure Centre. This event will specifically break down the mechanics of relaxation, and teach you how to restore effectively with practices from self-massage, body therapy and Yoga Nidra.  For more details and registration click here.



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