How to feel more confident in your body by using the Jade Egg


Women all over the world are genuinely looking for the ”hit” of feeling sexy, feeling wanted and being admired by others.

But do you know what is REALLY SEXY? CONFIDENCE. Confidence is the no.1 quality that makes you feel wanted, magnetic and desirable.

The huge part of confidence is BODY CONFIDENCE– which is completely based in the art of feeling good inside of your own skin. Being fit, being healthy, and being in full control of yourself.

This is the type of confidence that is not based on the colour of your lipstick, or the height of your stilettos; instead is the energy you exude around yourself. The energy that can be expressed with your beautiful smile, the shine in your eyes, even the entire aura around your body.

One of the best tools I know to help you create more body confidence is Jade Egg.  Regular practice with Jade Egg is terrific for helping women sensitize and deeply connect with her cervix.  Cervix is the only organ in the body that is directly innervated by three different nerves, including the superbly famous Vagus Nerve.

The beautiful Vagus Nerve is that it connects the cervix into the heart, which gives us opportunity to connect our sexuality and sexual turn-on with the ability to be intimate, connected and even emotionally vulnerable.

When woman sensitizes her cervix, she becomes highly conscious, empowered and incredibly confident.  Check out this video that explains how to build your body confidence in more details: 


If you are curious about learning more detailed approach how to use Jade Egg to enhance your body confidence, and develop Jade Egg Practice on your own? Check out my TOTAL PELVIC REVOLUTION programme.

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