The Dangers Of Sucking Your Belly In


Have you ever struggled with carrying tension in your abdomen? And how does chronic tension in abs actually relate to storing abdominal fat and effecting body confidence?

Some people hold the weigh of the world on their shoulders, some are defaulting to their jaws & furrow eyebrows, and some people {like myself couple of years ago} default to the abdomen. You know, the kind of tension that gets triggered with every bad news on the radio or when fear of speaking up for yourself sneaks in.


Let me explain:
When I was 12 years old, my grandmother saw me one day standing with my belly hanging forward. I was not necessarily fat, or bulky, just in my ‘’childhood innocence’’ I had enough courage to walk around without tensing my gut or holding my abs.
My granny got extremely upset at me, and with one sentence of:

‘’Young woman should never look fat. Suck that belly in.’’ – she deeply ingrained in me the necessity to appear somewhat different than what I really was.
This message sticked with me for many years, and was the exact reason why I experienced lot of pregnancy discomfort, digestive issues and eventually this habit culminated into serious spinal problems.

Nowadays, many people walk around with their stomachs in a chronic state of contraction. In the fitness sphere we are often told to “suck it in” or “hold the abdominals tight” to help protect our spines, and of course look more acceptable by the pool.

This language gets however really confusing: most people are being puzzled between the notions of sucking it in; contracting their core; holding it up or actually using their abs. As someone who has been studying core very deeply over last decade, I like to think of the human midline as a chunk of the body that responds to the load that is presented there- be it high or low, the core really needs to have efficiency to respond appropriately. You will need to execute different stabilizing actions when you are running on treadmill as compare to sitting at your desk whole day. The constant upward movement caused by sucking it in creates a motion of pressure that pulls your whole abdominal content up, easily displacing the entire gut against your respiratory diaphragm.

This creates full series of problems you don’t want to have on your list: hiatal hernia, constipation, lower back pain and excessive friction in your spine, knees and hips.

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No matter whether you have been told that you need to strengthen your core, or you are trying to enhance your posture, sucking your gut creates lot of inappropriate tension, and decreases its ability to do its work effectively. When you have a core that is REALLY tense, due to a habit of holding it very tight, or over-training, your disrupt not only the circulation processes, but also all the processes that happen within the core itself- your digestion, your reproduction, your kidneys which filter the blood and your intestines which moves all the nutrients from your food into the blood stream. All of these mechanisms are totally dependent on the health of your core for their optimal function. So if your core is living in chronic state of contraction, you really need to train your tissues to relax significantly to achieve their greatest behaviour.

Simultaneously, the habit of sucking your belly in is also deeply connected to feeling good and confident inside of your own skin. Whe you are trying to appear ”somewhat different” to who you really are; how can you possibly feel good inside of your body? The never-ending shame that people experience wearing bikinis, taking party pictures or being naked with their partner [and asking to turn the lights off] has everything to do with body shame….WHICH IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF CONFIDENCE!!!!

So now you might be wondering…..How can I relax my abdomen?
One of the techniques I teach (which my clients with chronic lower back issues absolutely adore), is massaging the abdomen with squishy air-filled ball, also known as a ‘’COREGEOUS BALL.’

Placing the ball onto the abdomen, and practicing deep breathing combined with gentle spinal movements is incredible way how to start restoring suppleness in the abdominal area. By using the Coregeous Ball in a very specific manner you are able to self-induce the benefits of abdominal massage without being on therapist table (and perhaps paying lot of money for it).

Learn about how to perform abdominal massage and start releasing layers of belly shame {yup, true authentic confidence is knocking on your door}:



Restoring pliability, and motion into rigid, tense gut will stimulate the muscles and organs required to produce a bowel movement.  If constipation, indigestion, back pain and poor posture is an ongoing problem in your life, rolling on Coregeous ball will be like opening up a Pandora box in your body.

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Share with me! What is your biggest obstacle in trying to build confidence in your body?


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