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Testimonial 6

‘’Dagmar is an expert on human movement, anatomy and physiology of the body. She has given a clear roadmap on how to empower my stance,

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Testimonial 5

Dagmar is incredibly inspiring, and consistently delivers amazingly valuable content. She listens, cares and is always tuned in with her students. Working with Dagmar has

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Testimonial 4

I would highly recommend Dagmar Khan’s courses or private instructions for anyone wanting to work on muscle imbalances, improved posture and range of movement, clearing

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Testimonial 3

Dagmar Khan’s teachings are not just about different techniques, she truly lives and breathes Yoga and is always so willing to share the benefits that

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Testimonial 2

Dagmar Khan has been there for me every step of the way, and shared an incredible education and evoked the passion in myself to take

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Testimonial 1

My one hour session with Dagmar was not only the most empowering self help tool, but it was a 6 star treatment for a chronic

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