Fix Your Sore Shoulders

Are your shoulder sore? Pinched? Crying out for some help? As I have promised in my last blog post (sorry for the last week delay, I have been away with my family on summer vacation); I am going to share with you one simple (yet super effective) technique to help you re-align your shoulders into
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Tune Up Your Body Alignment

I still remember the time when my teacher asked me in the first grade to SIT STRAIGHT and avoid slumping my upper back and shoulders. Why this seemed like a really good piece of advice, it taught me very little about the reality when it comes to the whole body alignment. My interest in working
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The Top 10 Practices of Enlightened Partners

How can you create a successful, thriving relationship with your partner? How can you live in the space of safety and trust knowing that your Soul-Mate is going to be here for you not only today, but also tomorrow? How can you ensure love, happiness and joy-filled marriage? Many people believe that to create a
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Communication- The Essence of an Enlightened Partnership

What’s the most important element in a healthy relationship? You might think of love, you might say it is trust or maybe passion, but the truth is different. The thing that makes a relationship work is communication. You and your partner might have similar values and likes, but if you don’t communicate, your relationship is
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Yoga Therapy -The New Wave in Yoga

Eight out of ten people will experience back pain problems at some time in their life. Lower back pain is a very general term that includes any numbness, sensations or pain in your lower back and sacrum area. The causes can be rooted either in diseases of the skeleton, such as rheumatism, osteoporosis or sacroiliac
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Testimonial 6

‘’Dagmar is an expert on human movement, anatomy and physiology of the body. She has given a clear roadmap on how to empower my stance, every day movement, boost my agility and completely revamp my entire core.’’ ~ Karn Suffin, Waterford, Ireland~

Testimonial 5

Dagmar is incredibly inspiring, and consistently delivers amazingly valuable content. She listens, cares and is always tuned in with her students. Working with Dagmar has made an incredible difference! She has given me self-care tools that I can use to keep feeling my best. Deirdre Guilfoyle,Vancouver, Canada

Testimonial 4

I would highly recommend Dagmar Khan’s courses or private instructions for anyone wanting to work on muscle imbalances, improved posture and range of movement, clearing out old injuries and breaking down scar tissue, or just learning to live better in their body. Linda Fennessy,Toronto, Canada

Testimonial 3

Dagmar Khan’s teachings are not just about different techniques, she truly lives and breathes Yoga and is always so willing to share the benefits that regular practice brings to daily life. Una Fortune,Waterford, Ireland

Testimonial 2

Dagmar Khan has been there for me every step of the way, and shared an incredible education and evoked the passion in myself to take power of healing into my own hands. She  has “heated me”, and I am hungry to learn more. Marie Murphy,Tramore, Ireland