How to heal jealousy in intimate relationships

When my colleague Justina Gioa invited me to present at her University Of Love, I deeply considered what I could possibly teach from my own experience, while simultaneously showing women that there is a new way of being when it comes to a problem that has become a real epidemic in our intimate relationships.  What problem am I talking about?
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Love Letter for Your Soul

love letter for your soul

We were born into this life naked, innocent, curious and loving.   Personally, so often, I don’t feel like it. I get overwhelmed. I snap at my husband. I want to disconnect from the world. I want to numb myself with food.  Yet when I look at my baby Rumi, he reminds me of this every single
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Womb Healing: Guided practice for your beautiful womb

womb healing

What is womb healing? Quite recently, I asked women inside of my Facebook Group what their greatest struggle around confidence and feeling amazing in their bodies is. By far, the two most common answers were: 1) I don’t have enough energy. 2) I want to feel more love and connection to my body. So I wanted
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What do I believe in

What do I believe in? What kind of mindset do I maintain throughout the day, and what kind of life philosophy do I live by? How does emotional empowerment fit into the mix? I often get asked these questions. I believe that every single one of us has a natural confidence. It is something we
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#MeToo – Now what can I do next?

me too

Last October, we saw the rise of # MeToo – a global movement against sexual harassment and assault. Because of # MeToo, women all over the world have come forward, sharing photos and stories of pain, trauma and abuse with the hashtag “MeToo” on social media. For me, the # MeToo movement is deeply touching. These
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How to move from sexual shame to sexual confidence

sexual shame moves to sexual confidence

Moving from sexual shame to sexual confidence – is this truly possible? Without a question, we know that as humans we are sexual beings. Yet, so many of us have been taught from a very young age to suppress this part of our nature, to hide away from it, or to see it as wrong
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How I help my clients heal incontinence

Text: Incontinence - The most Effective Solution Background: Woman sitting on a rock with yellow overlay

  The less told story about incontinence is that it effects over 80% of women at some stage in their lives… When we are trying to exercise, or there is a sudden cough or sneeze that silently sneaks in, there are millions of women all across the globe that are embarrassed about their inability to
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Why every woman needs sexual healing

Text reads "Why Every Woman Needs Sexual Healing with Dagmar Khan" with image of a purple pillow and striped couch and image of Dagmar

  I am a huge believer that every single woman on the planet both needs and deserves deep sexual healing. And when it comes to sexual healing; this is one of the most common questions women ask me: “How can I recognize whether I am carrying trauma inside of my body?” Without a question, the
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3 tools for complete vaginal recovery {what every mama kneads}

  Let’s have the conversation that as mothers, and as women, we genuinely need to have! And that is- so many of us suffer from traumatic childbirth. Maybe your precious darling has entered this world fast, or it has been long, agonizing journey, but certainly, the effects of the baby pushing through vaginal canal can
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