How sexual healing can revolutionize your life

What could body-hatred, painful menstrual cycles and undigested sexual trauma possibly have in common? This is the question I like to ask to women from every walk of life. And the answer surprises many of them…. …It is a deep need for embodied sexual healing. Sexual healing has nothing to do with expensive medical treatments,
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How sexual trauma affects our health, sexuality and relationships

There are so many women out there who struggle with their health, their finances, their sexuality and with the relationship to their own bodies.  And more often than not, they believe there is no interconnection between, let’s say, chronic lower back pain and emotional eating. Or an inability to make money and getting triggered during sex.
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The no. 1 secret addiction that is eating us alive

secret addiction

Over the last few months, I’ve spoken to and witnessed women from all around the world.    They’ve opened up about everything related to sex, intimacy, breaking up, fertility, money, work and fulfillment in life.  And having these deep, deep conversations made something very clear to me:  There’s a secret addiction that no one talks about. This addiction is eating
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My secret ‘love’ addiction


Today, I want to get ‘under the sheets’ with you.  Under the sheets of my skin, my bones, and my soul. Why? Because so many people are struggling with their emotions, and they use a plethora of ways to cope with what they feel. I used love. To get love, I used to manipulate. Perfectly.
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What true sexual healing looks like

true sexual healing

Last month, I was deeply honoured to be invited as a guest speaker on INSPIRED REBELS, whose mission is to showcase entrepreneurs that might be little edgy, are going against the norms, or are doing things that are very different. I was invited as a special guest to talk about sex, and the power of
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3 essential steps for healing vulvodynia

healing vulvodynia

When it comes to healing vulvodynia, I strongly believe that it is essential for women to educate themselves about this condition, and truly understand their bodies from the inside-out. It is not enough to stay dependent on anti-depressants, anesthetics and nerve blocks for rest of our lives. It is essential to pull up the sleeves,
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Breast massage: healing & sensual practice for every woman

breast massage dagmar khan

If there’s one single practice I wish every woman would do on a daily basis, it would certainly be breast massage.   Why?  Because in my own experience, and in the lives of my students all around the world, I’ve noticed that regular breast massage greatly enhances a woman’s love for her own body and for her
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How pelvic floor nidra helps women suffering with vulvodynia {and vaginismus}

pelvic floor nidra

One of the things I honour the most  about being in this space with you is you letting me into some of the most intimate and most painful areas of your life.  Enter Vulvodynia and Vaginismus.   Without question, these aren’t things you commonly see talked about on Instagram or Facebook. Both of these topics can feel like the most private of private matters, and can harbour an
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