While right now you may feel stuck, hopeless or physically weakened, you can restore your health and energy by tapping into the power of Self-Care HealthCare. This approach helps you erase aches and pains so you can live a full life in a healthy, pain-free and content body.

My Story

Back in my 20s, despite my daily yoga and movement practice, I was crippled by immense shoulder pain and was faced with significant emotional turmoil in my personal life. The pain was so intense that I spent years seeking help from doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors and homeopaths.

The problem? The focus was on resolving my painful symptoms but there was a missing piece of the puzzle. Nothing taught me how to proactively take care of myself and sustain my health in the long run.

dagmarkhan_image_propsNot willing to accept that this was the way it was going to be, I kept looking for a solution and found a DVD from Jill Miller. Shoulder Shape Up was the start of a wonderful awakening to the pain-free potential of my body. The DVD offered a biomechanically-based practice based on yoga and therapeutic exercises which helped me locate and heal my body’s blind spots.

That was the exact start of my journey to where I am today.

After experiencing years of pain; tension and despair began to literally wash off my body in matter of few weeks. I had a thirst to learn more and I’ve since committed myself to helping others create the same changes in their body and mind.

Years later, I see how creating a pain-free body has given me an incredible amount of energy, has released me from being dependent on healthcare professionals and given me doorway for experiencing real health: day in; day out.

Pain-free living is the foundation for a happy, content life that I love.

My Approach and Professional Experience

Our bodies don’t come with an owner’s manual, which means we are disconnected from what’s really happening inside of ourselves, especially when it comes to our tissues, muscles, joints and movement practices.
Our body is a complex machine and we need to learn how to take care of ourselves so we have the power to erase pain (when injury sets in), consistently improve our posture, enhance our performance and build wellness from the inside-out.

My approach is based on the fact that we can be proactive about our Self-Care HealthCare and it’s up to us to restore our health and promote the longevity of our tissues.


dagmarkhan_image_yogatuneupI use an interdisciplinary, integrative approach that applies principle of therapeutic yoga, self-massage, corrective exercise and relaxation strategies to help you create a body that looks great and lasts for a lifetime.

And remember the Shoulder Shape Up DVD? I went on to become the first Yoga Tune Up® teacher trainer in Europe and have been personally mentored by Yoga Tune Up® creator Jill Miller.

Over the last several years I’ve completed multiple trainings and certifications and I’m widely recognized as a movement educator as well as a pelvic floor rehabilitation and stress management specialist. But what’s even more important is that I give my clients a roadmap to help them live in better in their own body.

My goal is to help you:


eradicate your physical pain


improve your day-to-day movement patterns


restore your wellness from the inside-out

No matter where you are today, I meet you exactly where you are to help you focus on specific Self-Care HealthCare in support of your personal body’s needs.

Learn more about how we can work together either in person or from anywhere in the world.

About Dagmar Khan

dagmarkhan_image_aboutdagmarDagmar Khan is a leading movement educator and pain management specialist who helps people live better in their bodies. From those exhausted with chronic pain to everyday people with sports and repetitive injuries, she creates a holistic approach to whole body alignment and pain-free wellness. Based in Ireland, Dagmar is the first Yoga Tune Up Teacher Trainer in Europe and is leading the way with restorative movement in her market.

With a focus on embodied movement, emotional wellness and stress resilience, Dagmar focuses on living these principles in her daily life. When she’s not working with clients you can find her walking in the woods, moving her body in amazing and wondrous ways and delighting in books on human movement, self-care and pain management. Alongside her husband and 14-year old son, she loves going on new adventures to explore the world, spending lazy days in rolling meadows, catching the latest blockbuster or indie film or trying out the latest cuisine from around the world.