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My name is Dagmar Khan and I am the leading Integrated Yoga Tune Up® teacher, movement educator and mobility expert in whole Europe. I am based in Waterford, Ireland, and specialize on rehabilitating painful conditions, such as arthritis, spinal problems, knee complications or hip replacement surgeries.

My mission is to foster YOU in boosting your physiological longevity; while enhancing YOUR physical and mental fitness through CUTTING-EDGE education.

I am looking forward sharing with you some of the essential MOVEMENT MEDICINE- and helping you on your path to pain-free, aligned and incredibly poised SELF!

With love,



Private consultation programme focusing on eradicating your physical pain, and giving you the tools and understanding for becoming the catalyst for your own healing.

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Private rehabilitating programme designed to help heal and restore the function of pelvic floor. Ideal for woman suffering from incontinence, prolapse or going through menopause.

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Private consultation focusing on restoring your whole body alignment, which results in enhanced energy, better movement patterns and optimal whole body functioning.

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