3 Ways Jade Egg Helps with Incontinence and Organ Prolapse


Giving birth is one of the most beautiful, sacred and amazing experiences in women’s life. Women all over the world experience significant issues related to their pelvic health and recovering their vaginal canal- such as stress incontinence (as many as 2 out of 3 women) and organ prolapse (every 1 in 2 post-natal women).

These numbers are really huge, and unfortunately our medical community doesn’t have very healing, integrated approach to post-natal recovery.

Both stress incontinence and organ prolapse are directly related to losing some essential tone and strength in pelvic tissues, which can easily lead to losing full control over your bladder or not having enough support system in the pelvis to maintain good position of your organs.

One of the key cornerstone for helping women recover after giving birth, and overcome these real challenges, is giving her system and set of tools that will allow her to re-sensitize her vaginal canal and rebuild muscular support in the deepest muscles of her pelvis.

This video introduces 3 ways how using Jade Egg helps women bounce back from incontinence and better deal with organ prolapse.

{P.S. it is not only for new mothers-but truly for any woman that wants better, and more holistic answers to treating pelvic floor dysfunction}.



If you want to explore more detailed approach how to use Jade Egg to overcome incontinence, restore strength in your vagina and develop Jade Egg Practice on your own- check out my TOTAL PELVIC REVOLUTION programme.

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