3 tools for complete vaginal recovery {what every mama kneads}


Let’s have the conversation that as mothers, and as women, we genuinely need to have!

And that is- so many of us suffer from traumatic childbirth. Maybe your precious darling has entered this world fast, or it has been long, agonizing journey, but certainly, the effects of the baby pushing through vaginal canal can create myriads of tears and injuries- that when they are left unhealed and untreated, can truly result in lack of sensation and pain during sex.

After my second son, which was born literally in space of 4 hours- from the time I have been induced to the time he entered this world, I got 2nd level tearing in my vaginal canal and perineum. I not only had serious stitching procedure, that lasted over 45 minutes, but after my post-partum period, I felt NOTHING during sex. Me and my husband always always loved to make love- and suddenly there I am, a new mother, feeling absolutely nothing- NO SENSATIONS WHATSOEVER. To make things even worse, sex became painful. Horribly agonizingly painful. I felt empty. I felt guilty. I felt like my body is failing me.

So I decided to go on personal vaginal recovery journey, to help me both heal from the trauma of childbirth, and re-sensitize my vagina. It has been a journey, that asked me to do a lot of sexual healing work; but now I am feeling love, and sensitivity during lovemaking again.

The beautiful result of this journey is that this healing has not only created more love and confidence in my own body but also created a deeper emotional container with my husband-because both of us know what I had to go through in order for lovemaking to feel beautiful again.

Inside of this week’s video, I am sharing with you the process, that I call ‘’NEW MAMA SEXY RECOVERY.’’

This is an excellent framework for any mother who has had traumatic childbirth experience- be it 6 weeks, 2 months, even 2 years ago.

This is also an excellent choice for any woman who suffers from pain during sex, does not feel enough sensations inside of her vagina, or want to up-level her experience of pleasure in various depths of her vaginal canal {yup, that means more possibility of orgasm during intercourse}.






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