Are you Ready to Reclaim the Temple of Your Body and Come Home to your Sensual Power?

Hey Gorgeous….if you have been doing the inner work to heal, grow and transform….


Soul Crushing

Sexual Frustration
{or pain}

Chronic People


This means there is a deeper level of healing, and mind-body-nervous system integration that MUST happen in your life.

You CAN heal and completely transform when you go to the root cause – your nervous system and the energy of the second chakra.

As a world-leading trauma healing priestess and sexual embodiment expert, I have helped 1000’s of women around the globe feel safe in their body, unleash their sexy confidence and become nourished with self-love in every cell of their being.

Dagmar Khan is leading Trauma Healing Priestess and Self-Love Activator Queen.

Through her work, Dagmar has taught hundreds of women around the world to break the handcuffs of broken-heartedness and past trauma so that they feel deeply safe and at home in their body, rise above all exploitation and oppression, and become nourished with self-love in every single cell of their being.

She helps them increase their confidence thermostat and their capacity to lead with radiant power – sovereign, self-assured, trusting in their worth and divine work in the world.


3 powerful steps to escape chronic insecurities & self-doubt and become lit-up, happy and feel amazing inside of your skin: even if you struggled for years.

Flourish Academy

Learn The Map Of Your Sensual Body & Nourish Yourself Into Full Radiant Power

Why do some women look and feel alive, and exuberate radiance and beauty that is beyond imagination, while other women struggle? Explore the psychology, mindset, and embodiment of healing after sexual oppression or trauma – so you can fully connect with your heart, reclaim the temple of your body and come home to delicious sensual power.

Restore your Soulprint

7 weeks to get off the exhaustion & anxiety rollercoaster for good to reclaim your queendom and create a life of freedom, fire and femme power

Sacred immersion journey to restore your SOULPRINTS through breaking-free from 7 core wounds of humanity and re-aligning your body-mind-soul.

It’s time for you to say goodbye to fear, hesitation, confusion or uncertainty and welcome the faith, trust, confidence and vibrant energy that comes from clarity and fully owning your truth.

Jade Egg: Total Pelvic Revolution

Reclaim Your Sexuality & Step Into Radiant Self-Love

Discover the ancient jade egg practice coupled with modern science for healing pelvic floor dysfunctions, recovering from sexual trauma, and deepening your love, connection and reverence for your body.

Free Access to Dagmar’s Sexual Healing For Modern Day Goddess:

Heal from sexual trauma and create safety & confidence in your body {+ the orgasm}


The 3 secret strategies that took me from decades of trauma & chronic self-doubt to embodying self-love & confidence in 90 days…...

      Sexual Healing for
      Modern day goddess Guide

              Heal from trauma and create
              safety & confidence in your body

              Experience power of:

              >> embodied healing
              >> emotionally safe sex after trauma
              >> daily practices for sexual healing