I am Dagmar Khan, Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Trainer, Pelvic Floor Educator & Stress Management Specialist.
I specialize on guiding people towards unraveling pain, improving their posture and creating wellness from the inside-out.

But what I really do is helping my clients STEP INTO THEIR OWN POWER and become the CATALYST FOR THEIR OWN HEALING.

I am on mission on giving people strategies towards building pain-free, balanced and functional movement & helping them live better in their own body.

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Become a catalyst for your own healing.

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  • “I can now manage any pain with self-massage using the YTU Therapy balls, all from the comfort of my own home and I beam with enthusiasm for future, knowing that pain does not have to define my life.

    Dagmar’s knowledge of the human body and how it works is extensive, her teachings are infused with incredible knowledgeable and she is 100% in tune with her students at all times.”

    Audrey Rohan, Recruitment Consultant

  • “As someone who got diagnosed with fibromyalgia, at the start my body was in total pain and my nervous system was compromised from the constant agony. Even after making absolute clean up in my diet and generally taking very good care of myself; I was going from one treatment to another with no lasting relief, and each treatment caused my body more and more pain.

    Dagmar gave me ability to very effectively take care of myself, and access my ability to efficiently participate in my daily healthcare.

    Working with Dagmar was like someone has pressed the RESET button on my body- there is no looking back, only looking forward to a brighter future!”

    Charlotte Lowe, Director at Commercial Refrigeration

  • “Stress-Less:Reduce Anxiety & Restore Emotional Wellness is a sensitive, intelligent, clear and well-planned online course, which serves as an incredibly valuable resource for balancing the entire nervous system. This programme is a brilliant compilation of so many important mind-body buoys and will be of huge benefit to our current population of overworked and under-PLAYed people.

    Dagmar is an inspiration to watch, a diva to follow and a great teacher to respect.”

    Lillee Chandra, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Massage Therapist, Pain Management Specialist

  • “Dagmar gave me the confidence to start pro-actively taking care of my body, so I am not at the mercy of pain and anxiety.

    I am sleeping more soundly at night, and I am waking up in the morning feeling refreshed & enthused about the new day. My body is no longer a puzzle to me. I know how to take care of myself, and trust that a small dose of self-care continues to create wellness from the inside-out.”

    Ruth Flynn, Visual Artist & Live Performer